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hi i'm joe bautista, visual+ui/ux designer, design educator

My passion is helping clients, students, designers, and entrepreneurs reach their goals

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my name is joe bautista

I am a Visual Designer, UI/UX Designer, Creative Director, and Educator

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Teaching Philosophy

I emphasize the need for students to understand their roles as designers in a digital world and the importance of good UI/UX design.

2011, Year Received MFA 2011, Year Received MFA 2011, Year Received MFA 2011, Year Received MFA

Classroom Priorities

I have been a practicing visual designer for over fifteen years and an educator for over nine years. I have three priorities in the classroom environment: provide interdisciplinary insight, provoke critical analysis, and maintain the ability to adapt to and innovate with ever-changing technology and the ever-evolving user.

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Pasadena, CA


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Adjunct Faculty
California State University, Northridge (CSUN)


Department of Art faculty, teaching upper and lower division courses in graphic design area for print and interactive media

California State University, Northridge (CSUN)


Project lead for analysis, design and user experience of campus websites for academic departments and centers

Fashion Institute of Design
and Merchandising (FIDM)


Graphic Design Program and Digital Media Program faculty

Creative Director
The Center for Visual Communication (VISCOM)


Creative direction and management for on-campus creative agency servicing on-campus and external clients

Adjunct Faculty/Graduate Assistant
California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA)


Department of Fine Arts faculty teaching introduction to
computer graphics course

Enculture Design


Visual communication studio with an emphasis on interaction design, print design, and brand identity

Hamagami/Carroll, Inc.


Art direction, design, and conceptualization for an illustration/design studio for both corporate and entertainment clients



Master of Fine Arts – Design

2011, Caliornia State University, Los Angeles

MFA in Design with Interaction Design UX/UI emphasis

Bachelor of Art – Graphic Design

2001, California State University, Northridge

BA in Art with concentration in Graphic Design

19th century culture was defined by the novel, 20th century culture by cinema, the culture of the 21st century will be defined by the interface.

Lev Manovich

There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.

Ansel Adams

/ work

To view samples of collected student work, please visit

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    EGO/360 MFA Thesis Project
    App / Website / Installation - May 2011

  • TrendWhere
    iPhone App - December 2012

  • 2008 Personal Annual Report
    Book Design - April 2009

  • Autumn Leaves
    Type Design / Illustration - December 2008

  • DiverseCity @ Union Station
    Digital Installation - December 2008

  • Flight OC
    Brand ID / Website / Marketing - June 2009

  • CSUN Department
    Website - August 2011

  • Valley Performing Arts Center
    Brand ID / Marketing - Since 2009

  • Thinklogic, LLC
    Brand ID / Website - January 2011

  • Concept Art and Packaging

  • Arts Northridge Microsite
    Website - January 2009

  • Call of Duty
    Branding / Key Art / Packaging - July 2004

    Brand ID / Website - January 2010

  • Logo Design
    2001 - 2014

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